Afghan people waiting at borders of neighboring countries: Satellite photo tells a painful witness

Afghan people: It was reported in the world media that people were waiting at the airport until the 30th to leave Afghanistan.

But a satellite photo of people waiting on the borders of neighboring countries to leave Afghanistan has documented the anguish of the people.

Afghan people waiting at borders of neighboring countries

In particular, a large number of people are waiting in the Spil Boldak area on the border with Afghanistan and Pakistan. Similarly, Afghans are waiting for asylum in the Shirkhan region along the Tajikistan border and the Islam Kala border along with Iran.

This particular satellite photo was taken on September 6. Pakistan recently closed the Zaman border with Afghanistan. But they wait with possessions hoping that the border may be opened.


Afghanistan came under Taliban control last August 15, and people have been fleeing Afghanistan since then. The US alone rescued 124,000 people. People are still waiting to leave for fear of the Taliban’s corrupt regime.

Afghanistan shares borders with Pakistan, China, Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan.

Even though the Taliban regime has been established in Afghanistan, the economy has not yet recovered. This has created an environment where people are running out of money.

The offices of ministries are still closed in Afghanistan. Unemployment is rampant.

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