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Hello, welcome back to The Gxfreee Blog. Now we are going to learn about the Jmaking Blogger Newspaper 9 Premium Template. Tand how can we use them in Blogger Blog? But we will know all these things in this article. Stay So In this Article and learn more in detail.

What is Newspaper Theme

So if you are a blogger, you must be aware of this Newspaper, Don’t think it’s a newspaper when you hear the name of the and Newspaper, So you don’t know, let me tell you that Newspaper is the name of a Theme, i.e., Template

These are the themes or templates we do to design our blog or website, If you created your blog or website on Blogger or WordPress, and Newspaper theme is available for both platforms.

Newspaper 9 Theme For WordPress

You must have heard the name of the So Newspaper, and we are talking about WordPress right now, So Newspaper 9 which has been launched recently, and it is a very famous WordPress Theme, Newspaper has been found by TagDiv.

tagDiv launched a lot of Newspaper Theme Version, But Newspaper 9 has become the best and most famous theme yet, and we get the freedom to customize a lot of things in our way in WordPress.

you can Buy Newspaper 9 Theme from the Internet, and you can buy this Newspaper with a Regular License for $9 Theme to $59,

So the same Newspaper is also available with 9 themes GPL Version, i.e., General Public License, GPL Version allows you to use Newspaper 9 theme free, So you don’t need to pay for it.

Blogger Newspaper 9 Premium Theme For Blogger

on So, we have fully learned about the Newspaper 9 Premium Theme For WordPress, So now we will know about Blogger, So Let me tell you that Newspaper 9 Premium Theme has been launched for bloggers as well, But it is Paid because it is entirely Premium.

So its free Version is also available like the accessible Version of the Internet and other themes, As you may know, you don’t get a good feature in free version, And the same Premium allows us to use our copyright with good themes.

And I have Newspaper 9 Premium Blogger Theme, I have also installed this Newspaper 9 Premium Theme on one of my Blogspot blogs, Which looks very attractive, The link to that blog will be found in the Button below, All you have to do is click on Button, and you will reach my blog directly where I have installed this Newspaper 9 Premium Theme.

Features Of Newspaper 9 Responsive Blogger Theme

So we have just learned about the Blogger and WordPress version of the Newspaper 9 Theme on the top of this article, But we’ll try to find out about some Features of 9 Blogger Theme this Newspaper now, So does this theme work like WordPress, So keep reading below.

Header Newspaper 9 Theme

If we use blogger Newspaper 9 Theme, So we get exactly like the Header section of 9 Newspaper WordPress, Where you get an option of an Ad Box with Top Menu, Logo & Main Menu.


The way we can easily customize everything in the Header section in WordPress, So, in the same way, we have the facility to customize this Newspaper 9 Blogger Theme easily.

Post-Area & Sidebar Feature

So if we do, we get the Option of News Ticker, Featured Post & Prisma Theory as well as Latest Post in the Post Area of this Template, and you can also customize it easily according to yourself.

If we talk about it, Sidebar Section in this Newspaper 9 Blogger Theme, we get a sidebar just like WordPress, not only and, we also get the Feature of Sticky Sidebar in this Sidebar, Which is a perfect thing.

Footer Section in Newspaper 9 Blogger Theme

So, if we talk about Footer Section in this Theme, we get it, The following are the three Callums in which we can Customize our way, and we also get to see the copyright section of our blog below and the Pages and Social Media Icons of the About Us, Which is very attractive.

Most Advance Feature Newspaper 9

So now I’ll tell you about the most Advance Feature of the 9 Blogger Theme Newspaper, So as you know, we Ads in Blogger article and ad unit have to copy-paste again and again, But is Plugin Install exactly like WordPress in this Newspaper 9 Blogger Theme.

Just paste the ad unit into it once, After that, these codes will automatically be saved in all articles, and we don’t have to put ad code manually in writing again and again.

Newspaper 9 Theme Documentation

Now, if you have Buy 9 Premium Blogger Theme this Newspaper, So how do you have to Customize it, You must have used a lot of Blogger Theme, and that is caused by clicking on the Edit HTML in the theme section to customize.

But we can easily do all kinds of Customization in this Newspaper 9 Blogger Theme with the Layout Section of Blogger Dashboard, So below I shared the Screenshot of the Layout of this Theme, You can observe. Stories

How to install Newspaper 9 Theme in Blogger

So we will now know how to install this Newspaper 9 Theme in Blogger, If you haven’t Buy this Theme before, So you should click on the link below and Buy, Because I’m giving you the latest premium version of Newspaper 9 Theme, So below I have explained how to install this theme Step by Step.

  • Go to the Blogger Dashboard,
  • Click on Theme,
  • Click on the Tripple Dots and click Restore,
  • Upload the XML file to the theme by clicking on the Uplaod,
  • So now your theme has been successfully installed,

Download Now Blogger Newspaper 9 Premium

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