Top 5 Best Grammar checker Chrome extension in 2021

Top 5 Grammar checker Chrome extension. Rather than grammar rules, you will find the basic elements of speech: conjunctions, prepositions, adverbs, adjectives, verbs, pronouns, and nouns. If you can answer, “What are the basic English grammar rules?” you will have a good foundation for writing and reading. Let’s examine parts of speech and sentences of speech in relation to grammar rules.

Top 6 best free online grammar checking websites in 2021

Vocabulary Parts of Speech

Understanding the components of each principle will help us focus on English grammar fundamentals. Our speeches are built from these required components. Let’s see which players are most favored. Stories

Grammar checker Chrome extension

  1. Grammarly
Grammar checker Chrome extension

A grammar checker such as Grammarly makes your writing more professional through better grammar, punctuation, spelling, and better word choice. Bloggers, students, and working professionals can all use Grammarly to improve their writing style and tone.

Grammarly’s powerful Grammar checker Chrome extension integration tools enable you to use it in applications as diverse as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Gmail. Additionally, Firefox, Edge, and Chrome extensions are available.

Additionally, it offers real-time corrections and suggestions to make your text error-free. There are also explanations and tips for correcting errors and becoming a better writer. Grammarly’s inbuilt plagiarism detection features are one of the most significant advantages Grammar Checker Chrome extension.

Your writing will be proofread more carefully with Grammarly. It will help you correct spelling, grammar, style, and tone errors. Grammatically has real-time commentaries on Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Docs, and countless other places where you write. Grammarly is a writing assistant that offers practical suggestions on how you can improve your writing. Writing that’s appropriate and concise, as well as clear, is a sure thing. Get a weekly personalized publishing report by registering your account so you can track your progress and decide how to develop.

Key Features

You can use the free version to fix simple grammatical and spelling errors.
Grammarly’s Tone Detector can help you figure out whether you sound friendly, concerned, confident, etc. based on your words, punctuation, and phrasing.
You can get better suggestions for synonyms when you type anything on your smartphone.


Its user interface is simple and easy to use.
Grammarly offers various forms including web apps, browser extensions, desktop apps, keyboards for smartphones, add-ons for Microsoft, and more.
Premium users have access to Grammarly’s plagiarism checker as well.
You can also correct contextual and grammatical errors.
By using Grammarly, you can discover a text’s tone as well.
There are grammar corrector apps available for Android, iOS, and Google Play

  1. ProWritingAid
Grammar checker Chrome extension

With ProWritingAid, you’ll be able to improve your writing skills with a grammar checker. The features of ProWritingAid are comparable to those of Grammarly. With this program, you can correct mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style to make your writing better.

Twenty different types of writing reports are available to choose from the Grammar Checker Chrome extension. With this feature, you are able to edit at your own pace. It is possible to edit first for spelling errors, grammar errors, and style issues. Afterward, make sure there are no repeated phrases or words in the document.

It also offers a separate report for identifying cliches in the language. Using the suggestions in these reports will help you improve your writing skills and write more engaging sentences.

Your writing may call for quick fixes at times, but it may also require more. In addition to grammar checker, we offer in-depth accounts so you can improve and polish your best work. We use videos, articles, and quizzes to combine recommendations, videos, and articles that make skill development fun and active.

Key Features

The comprehensive writing reports validate and measure your writing’s quality according to your writing style.
Detailed analysis – Helps you create reader-friendly content by providing detailed readability analysis.


Many reports are offered to make the editing process more efficient for you without overwhelming you.
At a reasonable price of $240, the lifetime subscription for this tool is available.
Using this tool, your writing becomes clearer, more professional, and more precise.

  1. Ginger
Grammar checker Chrome extension

In addition to spelling mistakes, Ginger can also correct sentence structures, styles, and punctuation errors. It also allows you to write in one language and translate it into another language. However, the free version is just limited to 350 characters.


The Chrome plug-in can be downloaded once you sign up. This will give you access to the Ginger writer application, which enables you to easily paste content and check for errors.

You can also catch and fix errors in emails, text messages, and social media posts through the mobile app. Furthermore, Ginger works well with MS Word, but it doesn’t work with Google Docs Grammar checker Chrome extension.

Get Ginger’s #1 spelling and grammar checker to enhance your English interaction!
Use Ginger’s #1 feature to compose with confidence! You can use the Grammar and Spellchecker, Synonyms based on AI as well as a Rephraser to enhance your style.

Additional features include a Dictionary, high-quality translations, and a Definition dictionary. As you sort texts in Chrome, Ginger for Chrome takes care to correct them. Make your business writing, academic writing, and cultural writing better.

Key Features

Multi-Language Support – It support 40 different languages, allowing users to work in multiple languages.
Students can easily learn word pronunciation and meaning by the Text-To-Speech (TTS) feature in Ginger.


This version includes three writing tools, including a translator, a thesaurus, and a dictionary.
To improve users’ English, a “Personal Trainer” is available in the premium version. Writing style is evaluated to provide personalized practice sessions.

  1. Outwrite
Grammar checker Chrome extension

Wherever you are online, write with effectiveness. Be a much better writer with Outwrite for Chrome. The powerful writing assistant is much more than simply a grammar checker – it can help turn your ideas into useful sentences Grammar Checker Chrome extension.

Google Docs, Gmail, LinkedIn, and WordPress all support it. Use Outwrite to paraphrase whole sentences, expand your vocabulary, and increase or decrease the word count.

  1. Scribens
Grammar checker Chrome extension

With Scribens, writers can easily check their grammar errors with a straightforward user interface. It provides a “Statistics” feature through which writers can evaluate the number of sentences, paragraphs, words, and length of sentences. You only have to enter the content in the software, and it will immediately highlight the errors with correct suggestions Grammar Checker Chrome extension.

Grammar and spelling checks are both free. There are 250 kinds of grammatical errors that Scribens corrects. It is a bilingual language. It is your text that specifically highlights the errors! English and French are the languages spoken.

Rephrasing “awkward sentences” may also make them sound and look better. By reducing repetitions, Scribens also helps eliminate redundancy and fluff content. With its “Vocabulary Enhancement” functionality, users can make sentences more accurate and logical by replacing common words with more accurate, meaningful words.

Key Features

You can use it to look up meanings, synonyms, and definitions of words.
Integration across multiple platforms – You can check your content on multiple websites, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, forums, and blogs.


It offers unlimited usage for free.
With Scribens you can use Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.
For Windows and Mac, Scribens can be integrated with MS Excel.

An overview

Grammar checker Chrome extension You can now edit and proofread your content with grammar checkers. These amazing tools can do it for you (while improving your writing).

Grammar checker Chrome extension Each tool, however, has its own capabilities and features. Writers cannot get everything they need from a tool. When choosing a writing tool, think about your writing needs and your expertise. Free and easy-to-use writing tools such as Scribens and Virtual Writing Tool are good choices if you are on a tight budget.

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