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Hello, welcome back to The Gxfreee Blog. Now we are going to learn about 3 TIPS to Increase Memory Power and Brain Power. This blog is an Increase Memory Power and Brain Power – Must Read Student and Youth. Easy to Improve Memory and Brain Power Especially for Students and Youth. play some games

Increase Memory Power and Brain Power

Memory is a mental faculty. It can be trained just like your muscles can be trained. You must keep your muscle mass as you enter the 40s and 50s age. It’s critical if you wish to live and be Functional till 80s and 90s age to retain the muscle mass.

How do you do it by exercise?

The brain stops exercising the brain they have retired and think, okay, now there’s no need for mental exercise slowly they become subject to dementia-like the muscles atrophy. The brain also starts atrophying, and you don’t find Professors having dementia, their repeated mental activity keeps the brain alert.

So that is the nature of the body and Brain if you keep on solving math problems that portion of the brain responsible for math’s will start getting packed with gray matter and you will become better and better at it, in the same way. Your question was how to enhance memory.

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Your question was How to enhance memory.

By exercising your memory, again and again, that is the first the second is by learning Focus looking, little children. They struggle in memorizing for the test on the next day, but the score and the cricket test match, the new known it all by hear.t the batting scores of both the 10 + 11, 22 players they have it all in their memory.

What was the difference? The approach this subject without interest and hence in a distracted manner here, they were focused and interested. So whatever you wish to commit to memory you apply yourself it Focus to it. And then of course repetition is the mother, Of the learning also your physical and mental health will be important. So good diet, good exercise, Medical Science will tell you helps in the development of the brain as well.

If you wish to have a good memory ensure you’re getting a good diet and you’re doing good exercise. These World Chess Champions until the year 2000, there was no supercomputer in the world that could defeat the World Chess Champions. Imagine that, supercomputers! and then scientists said, “How is this happening?” They realized that an ordinary Grandmaster in chess had memorized about 50,000 games that he is accessing while playing.

So such wonderful memory now, Vishwanathan Anand was the world chess champion for so many years, and you read about him in his daily regiment. He had exercised as an essential part. He knew that exercise would help in memory and the sharpness of the intellect as well. It’s like a holistic science that works to help your memory.

How to Increase Memory and Brain Power

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